Welcome To Eaglesford

Eaglesford’s compostable carry bags are here to replace regular single use plastic carry bags once and for all. Our bio bags look like plastic bags, but do not contain any conventional plastic. They are made from vegetable starch and other natural additives, allowing them to completely compostable in 3-4 months leaving no toxic residue.

About Us

We strive to reserve nature for our children, and slay the plastic monster inherited from our parents.

To give affordable, good carrying strength and long shelf life compostable plastic products to all kinds of customers. To educate the importance of ‘giving back to nature’ and join hands with government agencies, NGOs, companies, Institutions and public to switch over to compostable products.

We believe that compostable are a major driver in the evolution of plastics and that they contribute significantly to a more sustainable society. Our mission is to advance the economic and regulatory framework in South East Asia to allow for the compostable market to grow and flourish. Therefore, we aim to bring together all relevant partners and stakeholders and serve as both, a knowledge platform for all audiences and a business platform to support a sustainable technological development along the entire value chain as well as a full-scale market introduction of compostable.

Plastics make up a large share of the many products in our everyday lives. For almost every conventional plastic material, there is a compostable alternative already available on the market. Compostable are highly complex and sophisticated materials that can help make plastic products more sustainable and continue to develop the many benefits of plastics further. Due to a growing awareness and demand in our society for sustainable products and their impact on the environment, compostable materials are becoming the material of choice for a rapidly growing number of brands and customers around the world. Our latest market data predicts that between 2019 and 2023, global production capacities of compostable will grow by 20 percent, from around 2.11 million tonnes in 2018 to approximately 2.62 million tonnes in 2023.

Eaglesford Multitrade:

  • Aims for a favourable policy and economic framework to allow for the further technological advancement and full-scale market introduction of compostable;
  • Promotes coherent standards, certifications and guidelines for transparent claims about compostable and their environmental benefits & impact;
  • Advocates sustainable growing of biomass crops for the production of biobased plastics;
  • Supports the implementation of a better waste management infrastructure, including more efficient re-use, recycling, and recovery systems.

Founded in India in 2018 , Eaglesford Multitrade today represents the interests of around 70 member companies throughout Singapore. With members from the entire compostable value chain, including agricultural feedstock, chemical and plastics industries, as well as industrial users and recycling companies that are located all over the globe and engage in the Singapore market, European compostable serves as business network as well as information platform.

Eaglesford Multitrade serves as both knowledge partner and business network for companies, experts, and all relevant stakeholder groups of the compostable industry.

Our primary task is to raise awareness and inform businesses, brands, consumers, policy makers, media, and the interested public about the properties, benefits, and potentials of compostable for a sustainable society. In order to meet the ever-growing information demand, we provide comprehensive information (publications, background papers, market data, newsletter, and news updates) on all relevant topics as well as the opportunity to contact us directly anytime or meet us at relevant industry events or our annual Eaglesford Multitrade Conference – the leading business and network event of our industry.

Eaglesford Multitrade closely monitors, evaluates, and contributes to relevant developments in Singapore industry. We are a trusted source and knowledgeable partner for Singapore policy makers and provide for a well-informed and balanced decision-making concerning the compostable industry.

Sustainability is at the heart of our daily work and our commitment for the evolution of plastics. We promote an efficient use and sustainable growing of renewable raw materials, more efficient recovery and recycling systems, as well as coherent standards and certifications for transparent claims about compostable and their benefits and impact on the environment.